Our Real Estate Journey

It didn’t take long after meeting Myles to realize this would not be a brief encounter, but rather a “journey.” Myles showed interest and enthusiasm showing us homes in Venice. I was concerned because we were’t looking at million dollar homes or even half a million dollar homes. It didn’t seam relevant to Myles; he respected our wishes. 

He and his team offered much support during the process of buying. For example: inspections, utilities, handymen, and sights of interest. It was so comforting as we didn’t know anyone or anything in this area. 

After a year and a half we decided to change to a different style home. They were ready for us: pictures showing our unit beautifully (thanks Claudia!), priced right, and sold in about two weeks with a nice profit. Sufficient enough to move into our villa with no extra cost. Again, he was there to help with the move. It is easy to see that our relationship has evolved from strictly professional to more personal as we continue this journey.

My husband and I have the utmost respect and confidence in this fabulous realtor!